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Single then pregnant turned Wife and soon-to-be Mom

The order’s messed up, right? But yes. I am now 7 1/2 months pregnant and last January 31, I got hitched! Things ran really pretty fast, it was like a roller coaster ride! I was just in El Nido, Palawan last July-August 2014, then on September, I peed on a stick and got 2 red lines that made me cry out of so much joy and fear that my little one’s been harmed (because I was exercising  so hard for our supposedly Baler trip at the end of Sept, which was postponed by the way.

I was drinking coffee and working in the office late almost every night). Then, my partner wanted us to move out from our parent’s place that we had to search for a house to buy. And then, when both our parents got informed that they will soon be Lolo’s and Lola’s already, there comes the planning of the wedding.

This simply explains my absence from the blogging world. Aside from the fact that the first trimester of pregnancy is really.. reeeeaaaallyyyyyy exhausting.. My time was mostly spent in the office, and wedding plans. All those free times that I wanted to share these wonderful things through writing, I spent in to sleeping instead. Haha!

…and now I miss blogging. So here I am again! 🙂


Live. Laugh. Love. Write. Pray.

Mommy Mitch

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