My Life Bucket List
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My Life’s Bucket List

My Life Bucket List

Last year, I wrote about my goals for the year 2016. I expressed how I feel unorganized whenever I don’t have written goals before I start the year. I prefer having guidelines that I could follow through as I journey my life – the very same reason why I also have a planner. I like writing down my daily goals and ticking them off whenever I accomplish them.

As I look back, I remember having my life’s bucket list. I haven’t reviewed it yet since the day that I got pregnant. They were just written in a small notebook which I can no longer recall the place where I’ve hidden it. Lol. Momnesia!!

Anyway, I just thought I can try to enlist my life’s bucket list once again so I can at least look back to it and see how I slowly tick off the list one by one and make them come to life. 🙂

  1. Have a career in the IT industry. (Since 2012)
  2. Learn baking 101.
  3. Learn how to drive.
  4. Own a car.
  5. Get married by age 25. (I got married a little too early than my target age. Married since 2015)
  6. Own a condominium unit. (2015)
  7. Own a house and lot.
  8. Start my own blog.(nostalgicmomma it is!)
  9. Have a baby boy. (I gave birth to my first born on May 11, 2015)
  10. Have a baby girl.
  11. Travel to El Nido, Palawan. (July – August 2014)
  12. Travel to Bohol – visit the Chocolate Hills!
  13. Travel to Coron, Palawan.
  14. Travel to Cebu.
  15. Travel to Ilocos.
  16. Travel to Surigao del Sur – visit the Enchanted River!
  17. Travel to Hongkong – Go to Disneyland!
  18. Travel to Singapore – Go to Universal Studio!
  19. Travel to Japan.
  20. Travel to Paris – see the Eiffel Tower!
  21. Tagaytay with my own family.
  22. Try the trampoline.
  23. Start my own business.
  24. Retire by age 35 or earlier. 😛
  25. Start a mutual fund investment. (December 2015)
  26. Invest in Philippine stocks.
  27. Give me a life insurance plan (not the ones provided by companies as a benefit).
  28. Attend a writing/blogging workshop.
  29. Join a community of writers. (February 2016 – Blissful Bloggers and Mommy Bloggers Philippines)
  30. Make my own interior design for our home.
  31. Start a virtual career / Be a WAHM.
  32. Achieve 110lbs again!
  33. Join a fun run with friends.
  34. Join a fun run with the family.
  35. Run a 10k marathon.
  36. Breastfeed Gabriel for 1 year and beyond.
  37. Promote cloth diapers.
  38. Attend a business-related seminar.
  39. Lead a charity event.
  40. Go to Juris Fernandez-Lim’s gig. <3
  41. Have my own mini library.
  42. Write and publish a book.
  43. Write a story for a movie.
  44. Write for a magazine.
  45. Staycation with the husband.
  46. Staycation with the family (husband + kids).
  47. Re-learn the Rubik’s cube.
  48. Do the bungee jump!
  49. Climb a mountain.
  50. See a festival of hot air balloons.
  51. Dive into a water (from a cliff…?LOL).
  52. Have a white Christmas with the family! 🙂
  53. Learn how to swim.
  54. Ride a horse.
  55. Picnic with the family.
  56. Try Kayaking with friends.
  57. Learn make-up artistry.
  58. Learn photography 101.
  59. Own a DSLR or a decent camera for taking very good photos.
  60. Attend a huge concert!
  61. ……

I know the list is long but as long as I live, I know I can make them happen. 🙂 I also let the last number be blank because this is an open list.I hope and pray that God will guide me through these.

To a life well lived!

Live. Laugh. Love. Write. Pray.

Mommy Mitch


  1. mhaan.a-ds

    We almost have the same bucket list, well aside from publishing a book lols. I also love to travel! 🙂

    1. Really? I miss travelling na nga. Kaso mahirap magbyahe ng baby. Hihi

  2. You know, I don’t have a bucket list. I could just imagine how great it is to cross out some of the “accomplished!” goals you have achieved. Not bad! 🙂

    1. It is! It’s just that keeping a list of my life goals keep me sane and somehow focused. I hope someday you give it a try. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  3. I admit i’m unorganized and I told myself a lot of times to make a list i have a planner/organizer but I never get to use it..silly me! Anyway almost everything on your list is the same as what I have in mind..let’s make them happen! 🙂

    1. Yay! We can make ’em happen! Good luck sa atin. 🙂

  4. Lady Anne Louise Barrun

    I think I should have a bucket list too. My baby boy born May 13, 2015. They born 2 days apart. Hihihi 🙂

    1. Ay oo nga noh? That’s nice! 🙂

  5. Oh! Husband and I will make one each later. 🙂 para makita rin namin anung dreams na ang natupad.

    1. It will be a great activity for the two of you! Have fun! 🙂

  6. I don’t have a bucket list. I normally just allow where life takes me. But, I think having one is great!??

    1. Spontaneity actually means fun! I’m pretty amazed that you are the type of person who just go with the flow. That’s a brave path! 🙂

      1. It is. I know that the Lord has a ready plan for everyone. And good things just come everyday.?

  7. I do also have my own bucket list kaso kalat kalat nga lang 🙂 I should learn to be more organized 🙂

    1. Yes Mommy. Having a list somehow gives me a peace of mind. Haha

  8. It’s a really great list. Wow, you already have a condo unit of your own AND you’ve also started your mutual fund. Good for you!

    1. Huge thanks to husband for making the condo unit thing happen. It was an impulsive decision for the both of us kasi I was pregnant when we got this place. Instead mag-rent, we opt to get a unit of our own na lang. Mutual funds naman is matagal nang plan. Buti natuloy na sa wakas. Hihi. You should get yours na rin if you haven’t started investing yet. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  9. Marie

    Love your bucket list! I too have learn how to drive on my bucket list and this month, I’m crossing out investing in the Philippine Stock Market!

  10. Peachy A.

    Congratulations for ticking off some of your goals and good luck in finishing off that list

  11. This is quite inspiring. I will make a bucket list soon too. 🙂

  12. Looking forward to seeing that list again with so many ticks Na. You can make all happen! Good luck and enjoy life!

  13. This makes me think to write a bucket list for myself. It would’ve been great to check each one as I go on with each milestone 🙂

  14. I love your list — we actually have almost the same entries! You gave me an idea. I used to keep a “Life List” in my old blog. I better check it out and republish it in my new blog!

  15. I always plan to make a bucket list kaya lang di natutuloy… I’m inspired sa post mo, kaya gagawa na din ako. 🙂

  16. I will retire at the age of 35 too!!!! Super promise ko ‘yan sa sarili ko!

  17. rollcoastermom

    It’s great that you were able to revisit your bucket list. I don’t even have one! There’s so many things I wanna accomplish but just haven’t found the time to actually write them down yet.

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