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Quarter Life And Two Babies

I’ve anticipated this since last year. That by this time of the year, I am again a Momma of a newborn baby. That I will, again, have to slow down. I will have to lose sleep. I will miss long shower times. Well, not really that long. But showers less than 10 minutes are, I guess, pretty short. So how much …

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Life Lately…

Why hello there! I’m back! I barely have time to write and share anything for the past few weeks. My mind and body aren’t cooperating. I blame the fact that I am in my last and final trimester of pregnancy. The exhaustion’s just way too unbearable. Haha! So life lately has been, well… pretty much busy. I’ve got a lot …

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Break Free And Start With Your “Employee to Employer” Goals

Ever heard of these phrases? “Reach for your goals.” “Go for what you really want to be in your life.” “Never give up on your dreams.” They all sound familiar, right? But sometimes, we get stuck in a situation which hinders us from making those dreams come to life. We’ve set our goals. We believed in it and in our …

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Life Saver at 27 | The Gift of Love, Time and Life

Today is my husband’s 27th birthday. We didn’t plan anything grand for the day as we already had our birthday celebration last March 4 and 5 with our immediate relatives. And because we have to save up for something bigger (aside from the upcoming hospitalization bills we have to pay for my delivery on May 2017) we just bought a pizza, …

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Blessed 25 Joyful Years

There’s so much to love about the month of March. It’s the month when I and the husband get a year older. (Yes, we’re both Martians! :P). Time flies so fast! It’s like I was just 18 years old when my husband and I entered into a relationship as BF/GF. And now, we’re 25 and 27 years old, married, with …

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