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Blessed 24 Fruitful Years!

I woke up on the 4th day of March feeling very thankful that I reached my 24th year alive! 🙂 I ought not to file a vacation leave on my birthday because I didn’t plan on celebrating that day at all. I’m not used to it. In fact, when My husband and I got married, I felt a bit uneasy because I am not used to being in the spotlight. Where everyone’s eyes are set on us and that people around me are saying happy thoughts and best wishes… Not that I am not grateful for it, but again… I’m just not used to it.

So on the day itself, I just go on and prepared for work. No one in the office knows that last Friday was my birthday. Except for that one teammate who’s also a celebrant on a March. In the office, the HR’s new way of celebrating birthdays is to throw a birthday party on a specific day for all the employees’ who are born in the same month.
So on the email blast for the March-ians that were sent last week, our names are included and so he knows I’m a March-ian too! LOL. Though I planned on treating my teammates with an ice cream (team’s most requested whenever there’s someone to treat the team :D), I’ve decided to delay it for the meantime as I don’t want to let them know yet that it is my birthday. Also, there was an upcoming event for the development and QA teams that evening. I don’t want to steal the light on that event. So I kept quiet. 😛

When I got home, there were pizzas, chicken, and cake already care of my husband. Thanks a lot, dear daddy!

I’m a happy Momma at 24!


It was just a simple dinner with my family and my in-laws.


That’s my kind of celebration. No fancy dinner dates or surprises.

I ended the day with a prayer of thanksgiving and it’s all because of this…

I’m a happy Momma at 24!

I really am a blessed wife and momma! 🙂

Come the 7th day of March, I didn’t expect anything. I thought it’s going to be a normal day except that I know I will get teased by my team that I have to treat them. Lol. So I bought chips and ice cream for them as our afternoon snack. Never have I thought that they planned anything to surprise me until they gave me this:

A surprise cake from #TeamSnackers!!!

I was REALLY VERY SURPRISED because I don’t have a single idea. I didn’t assume anything because expectations will only get you hurt. Lol. But then I got a whole chocolate cake. I am so happy! 🙂

Thank you to #TeamSnackers for their effort on putting up a surprise for me. I usually have strong intuition on this kind of things. I guess you caught me off-guard on this day! LOL!

Birthdays always exciting and fun but for me, I only wanted it simple yet memorable. If there will be surprises and more ways of celebrating that special day, then it is already a blessing to me.

Praise be to God for giving me another chance to live a life full of love and joy! 🙂


Live. Laugh. Love. Write. Pray.

Mommy Mitch

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