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2014 = Financial Freedom


I promised myself that I will be freed from financial worries by starting an investment (long – term) this year. I am not really that risky when it comes to money because I have already experienced having totally NONE. I’ve been to tight budgets, starving moments… that “I would really want to have that <insert thing here>” feeling but I can’t. Simply because my money is not enough, or I don’t have any money at all…

But things are different nowadays. I am now earning my own money through hard work (LOL! It literally means my work is not the easy kind of stuff. Haha!). And I could buy now those things I wished I could have before however, as I grow old, my priorities have also changed. My outlook and desires, are now beyond just having that latest iPad or Samsung gadget, or that xBox kinect!

At 22, though still  young and has a long way to go… I am now thinking of a comfortable retirement… A business to manageGetting married and having kids… A house to own and soon call it a HOME. My future children’s educationPlaces to travel! 😀 And asking myself what I should do in order for me to achieve these goals, I stumble upon the idea of investing my hard earned money and let it grow for the next 10 years! I know some friends who are into stock market and forex… Some are into mutual funds… And for me who’s working 5 days a week, I might resort into getting myself involved into mutual funds since I’ve mentioned earlier that I am not that risky when it comes to my earned money. Of course there are still risks in mutual funds but it’s pretty much more manageable.

What made me hyped up about all this investing stuff is the drive to have a better life in the future, the influence of some friends who seem to have financial freedom and by watching Pesos and Sense on Youtube. I still have a lot to learn about this cool stuff! And I really am excited! 😀

Hooray for this established goal of mine and I will make sure to push it to a SUCCESS! 😀 Pretty optimistic, eh? 🙂


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