Mommy Milkshare – A Milkdrive For The Moms Who Care

Mommy Milkshare 2

I have a secret to reveal. After I became a Momma, it’s always been my dream to be able to donate breast milk! Yep. It’s true. But sadly, I wasn’t blessed with abundant milk supply and I never experienced  expressing more than 4 oz of milk per pumping session (that is done every 2-3 hrs). That’s one of my insecurities before which I will share in another post soon. Anyhoo, because of this dream, I am thrilled to know about the Mommy Milkshare – A Milkdrive For Moms Who […]

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Kilay On Fleek At The Brow Studio SM City BF Parañaque

The Brow Studio SM City BF Parañaque

I am not blessed with thick, beautiful eyebrows. My brows are just…. Okay. Thin yet messy. Haha! That’s why when I got my free voucher of express cleaning at any branch of The Brow Studio, I got really excited! Their express cleaning service would cost 188.00 Php and I got one for free because of the voucher. 🙂   I had a pretty rough month last July, but instead of stressing so much about all the things that happened, I opt on giving myself a pampering treat before […]

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Lactation Cookies For The Nursing Mommas

Lactation Cookies Confectionista

I have always been dedicated on breastfeeding Gabriel. My goal is to at least breastfeed him up to 2 years and it actually is one of the factors why I chose to  quit my corporate work and find online opportunities because I think that setup would work best for me and my family as we are yaya-less. My commitment to this journey brought me a lot of hardships and learnings. I am one of those mommas who’s problem is the low yield of pumped breastmilk. It’s frustrating! I […]

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July. The Toughest Month (So Far!)

Yay! Look who’s back! I have been on blogging hiatus for quite a few days already. Never have I thought that the month of July would be this tough for me, my family and relatives. The days that gone by were very difficult. But we are thankful to the Lord that we’re still surviving the fight. And just to release the tension that the past days brought to me, to us, here I am writing not to rant but to share how blessed our lives are in spite […]

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Momma Saves Money Through Shopback Philippines!


Hey there, ladies and gentlemen! How would you feel if you are being paid to shop online? Aren’t you thrilled with the idea? As for me, I am wondering where this kind of service platform has been all along. I’ve learned how beneficial online shopping is in my life when I became a mother. But I don’t know that it could’ve been even better because of this latest discovery of mine in the online shopping world. Haha! As I have always been saying – I am a thrifty […]

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PRESS RELEASE:Bubi Trampolines Bring Happiness with Every Bounce

Bubi Trampolines was established in the Philippines in 2011. It began to operate under SMAI (Sia & Mak Amsement Inc.) in December of 2013. SMAI has more than 12 years of experience in the quality production and distribution of trampolines all over Europe. What makes the difference with SMAI is the excellent aftersales follow-up, high quality products and availability of stocks. SMAI constantly checks and improves the production to keep the customers extremely satisfied and happy with our trampolines. The technology and current design of Bubi Trampolines are […]

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